2019 Lexus RX450hL Maxliner Floor Mats

  • $94.99
  • $80.74

Built to withstand the abuse of mud, snow, water, and dirt all year round, Maxliner mats are made of durable, odorless low-density polyethylene. This rugged yet lightweight material is stain-resistant, allowing for quick and easy maintenance, all while providing durable protection to your vehicle’s interior.

Custom-tailored designs that match a wide range of individual vehicles guarantee a perfect, factory look. Each mat is molded to seamlessly fit numerous car, SUV and truck models that this company covers. All Maxliner mats come with a raised lip around the edges, which prevents any spilled liquid from reaching your vehicle’s carpet.

Specially designed textured surface offers plenty of grip even when wet or covered with mud. Maxliner mats are easily maintained thanks to the stain-resistant nature of the base material. However, when things get extremely dirty, you can always use abrasive cleaning tools to agitate any stubborn dirt without damaging the mat.

In the unlikely event that your new liner does get damaged, Maxliner has you covered with a Lifetime Warranty. You can rest assured that your factory footwell carpet is protected no matter what.

The bang for the buck value offered by Maxliner’s car mats puts them ahead of the competition. You’re getting a reasonably priced product that does more and offers better protection than much more expensive alternatives.

The factory custom-fit design allows for easy installation, but also easy removal. Once you’re done cleaning your new liner, simply place it back into the footwell of your car, and enjoy that seamless appearance once again.

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To verify the part number you received look at the back of the floor mat. The part number is on a white sticker and always starts with A, B, C, D, or E. Examples: A0047, B0048, C0038, D0070, or E0364

  1. Remove any original floor mats that came with your vehicle prior to installation of your new floor mats.
  2. The factory retention hooks/posts that come with your vehicle are to be used to secure the floor mats in place. Some floor mats just have a raised dome on the floor mat instead of a hook ring, post cap, or twist lock. This universal dome bubble lays over the factory retention hook/post and no hole is required.
  3. After unpacking your SMARTLINER floor mats or cargo/trunk liner the edges of the mat may be curled or bent from the boxing and shipping. This is normal, and our liners are made to reform to their original shape within 48 hours of placing the mat in the vehicle. To help the liners reform their original shape faster you can lay the mat out in the warm sun or in a warm area for 15-30 minutes and the liner will relax and regain its shape.
  4. Your SMARTLINER mats require minimal care, but certain activities should be avoided to increase the usable life of the product.
  5. After unpacking the liners and allowing them to reform to their original shape it is not recommended to fold or bend the item for storing as this can cause permanent creases.
  6. Do not allow water/liquid to become trapped under the SMARTLINER floor mats. When cleaning your floor/carpet of your vehicle please ensure it is completely dry before placing the mat back in your vehicle. Our liners are waterproof; therefore, if any moisture/liquid becomes trapped under the mat it will not dry and the mat should be removed as soon as possible until the floor is completely dry. Prolonged exposure to moisture/liquid under the mats may cause mold/mildew and damage to your vehicle.
  7. For first row/front row floor mat installation please move each pedal through its respective full range of motion to be sure that there is no interference with the liner. If there is any interference, remove the SMARTLINER before driving. Contact us if the interference is not resolved by the liner relaxing to its proper shape or any other installation issues. 
  8. All liners are made to work with the factory options on your vehicle. If you have any issues with install or other features of the liners, please contact our friendly customer service and we will be happy to help resolve your issue.
    • Do not clean with chemicals or solvent cleaner. Any abrasive cleaner can damage the surface of the mat.
    • Do not clean with any substance or product other than water and a damp sponge or cloth. If you have a sticky or greasy spill you may use a mild  soap (such as dish soap or water with a damp sponge or cloth).
    • Do not use any other household cleaners such as, but no limited to, window cleaners, floor cleaners, polishes, or all-purpose cleaners.

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    All Genuine floor mats carry a 30-day warranty.

    Our Ubermats carry a Limited Lifetime Warranty.


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