When Should I Replace My Car Floor Mats?


Floor mats and liners serve as an excellent protection against spills, dirt, liquid, and more. If the mats wear out, they don’t just lose their quality, but also the look of your vehicle’s interior is ruined. Let’s look at the most common cases when you would consider changing your car mats.


1. The Heel Pad Is Lifting

One of the main reasons why you should replace the floor mats of your vehicle is when the stitching around the mat heel pad has come away. It is not safe to drive with the heel pad up as it catches your heel when you accelerate or brake. In this situation, we would recommend replacing the floor mats immediately.


2. Stuck Brake, Clutch or Accelerator Pedal

If your vehicle’s pedal is stuck because of the floor mat it can cause sudden acceleration. It is also unsafe as you can lose complete control of your car. Replace them as soon as possible.


3. Slipping Floor Mats

Another reason why you can lose control of your vehicle is due to slipping floor mats. It can be because of broken "locating pegs” which are designed to match the exact built-in button holes on the edges of the mats. When button holes are fitted over existing carpet pegs, the mats stay in place instead of sliding around.

Additionally, mats that slip around a lot also expose the carpet under it to the damage the mat is designed to protect.


4. A Hole In The Floor Mat

A hole in the floor mat will not just look ugly in the interior of your vehicle, but may also cause severe problems on the road. Because of this hole, your heel may be stuck if you are going to pivot backwards, forwards, sideways. This hole can also lead to wears in the carpet area under it.


5. Don’t Cover the Full Carpet Area

As you know, universal floor mats don’t cover the whole carpet. It means that the dirt and liquids may escape on to your vehicle’s carpet, which is more expensive to clean than to get a new set of floor mats. And second of all, it will be hard to sell your car with stains on the carpet, or you will need to lower the price because of the dirtiness. That’s why you should maintain the floor mats and carpet regularly if you want to make an impression on potential buyers. 


6. Mold

Mold is one of the main reasons causing allergic and asthmatic reactions such as wheezing and coughing. That’s why we would recommend replacing the floor mats sooner rather than later, especially if passengers are prone to such diseases. 


7. Utility Use

If you are a taxi driver, for example, you know how passengers evaluate cleanliness and freshness in the car. That’s why by getting a new set of floor mats you will leave a good impression on your passengers of the service you are providing. 


8. Smell

A horrible smelling car never feels good. One more reason to change your old floor mats is because smells build up over time. Or if the floor mats are new, consider giving them a solid clean to get rid of the smell of new rubber.


9. For Car Enthusiasts

If you are a car enthusiast and you like to take care of your vehicle as much as you can, then a new set of mats is a great decision to freshen up your vehicle’s interior whether your floor mats are new or not.