Maxliner Floor Mats - the Ultimate Smartliner for Your Car or Truck

Driving in rainy or winter conditions bring a new level of complexity to automotive maintenance. You have to stay on top of your tire wear, coolant levels, make sure that you have the right wipers, and more. Among those new factors is one that is overlooked far too often — floor mats.

Floor mats play a critical role in keeping your car healthy. Today we’ll discuss Maxliner floor mats and show you all-weather floor liners are essential if you want your car to last. 

Your Choice of Floor Mats Matters 

Commuting every day puts a toll on your vehicle, but not the kind you can minimize through proper maintenance. Every time you get in your car or truck, you’re bringing in dirt and debris from the outside. If you live in dry and hot climates, the most you’ll ever have to deal with is vacuuming your car every once in a while. 

However, if you live in areas with a mixed climate where precipitation is common for most of the year, you’ll be dealing with more than just dust. If it’s raining, you’ll bring water inside. If it’s snowing, you’ll get that nasty sludge all over your footwell liner. 

Ignore this issue long enough, and you’ll find residual water soaking through your factory carpeting and potentially causing rust on the inside of your footwell. 

2016 Volkswagen Tiguan Maxliner Floor Mats

Carpet Mats VS. All-Weather Floor Mats 

The average carpet floormats offer some protection, but nowhere nearly enough. You’re looking at a weak layer of protection that will probably handle a few droplets of water you bring in after accidentally stepping in a puddle somewhere.

However, if it’s winter and your city is covered in snow, those carpet liners won’t last long. Besides, stepping on them with muddy shoes is a great way to shorten their life span and make them aesthetically jarring. 

What you need instead are all-weather custom fit floor mats. The benefits are many. That being said, not all floor mats are the same. There’s a gradient to this type of product. Regular rubber mats are not too different from their carpet counterparts, except for the difference in materials.

While rubber solves the core of the problem, it still leaves plenty of ways for water and melted snow to reach the carpeting beneath. That is unless you implement a design that prevents these issues. 

Maxliner Custom Fit Floor Mats and Liners 

Over time, several niche brands rose to the occasion and started working on advanced solutions that would keep the footwell dry and clean no matter where you live. 

Maxliner is one such brand and arguably a part of the top tier segment in this niche industry. What sets apart Maxliner’s products from the rest is the quality of materials used and their innovative design, and impeccable quality control. Maxliner also throws in great shipping rates and a lifetime warranty for most of their products. 

Why Go with Maxliner? 

This brand is far from being the only option on the market. However, they are among the best. When you get one of their custom fit mats, you’re getting a product that was purpose-made for your specific vehicle. Namely, the engineers at Maxliner have made a mold of footwells of various car makes and models. Unlike many other brands, Maxliner’s molds are 100% accurate for each vehicle. 

Then, they’ve added several important features that improve the efficiency of the floor mat. Their mats and liners feature a lip all around the perimeter of the footwell, which traps any water, liquids, or other debris from spilling over on your carpeting. The custom-made molds ensure impeccable fit as long as your vehicle is supported. 

The Material 

Designing an advanced liner with unique features and ensuring you maintain top-notch quality are both important factors. However, using the right material is what gives all of the above any real value. 

MaxPro truck and car floor mats, the flagship model within Maxliner’s brand, is marketed as an all-weather solution that can take the worst you can throw at them. To meet such high demands, this company had to come up with a durable compound that was tough enough to withstand years of exposure to winter weather and other adverse conditions.

The result comes in the form of low-density polyethylene material that offers several important properties: 

  • Flexibility - MaxPro and SmartLiner mats are both considered to be solid liners. While this is an excellent way to tell you’ve got a good set of floor mats, there has to be some flexibility involved for the mats to conform to the footwell fully.
  • Durability - The polyethylene compound used to make these mats was designed with durability in mind. MaxPro and other models from this brand’s catalog are all resistant to kinetic impacts but also exposure to liquids, road salts, and anything else you could bring inside on your feet. 
  • Aesthetic Compatibility - Last but not least, the use of advanced low-density polyethylene materials has allowed Maxliner to offer their mats in a whole range of colors. No matter what your interior is like, you’ll find a mat that matches its color. 

Shipping and Warranty 

Floor mats wear out over time, or at least most of them do. Maxliner has decided to stand behind its ultimate durability claims by offering a lifetime warranty on its floor mats and liners. Such a comprehensive warranty means that you’ll never have to worry about your car or truck needing new floor mats any time soon. 

Here at Car Mats Hero, we understand that shipping can often make a reasonably priced product too expensive. Because of that, we offer some of the best shipping quotes on Maxliner products. To find the right floor mat for your vehicle, simply head over to our online store and input your car’s details into our navigation tool. 

Find your way to the floor mat section using our catalog menu and select the Maxliner brand. You’ll be presented with every product that matches your car. 

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