How to Choose the Right Floor Mat for Your Vehicle


Floor mats not only protect your vehicle against spills, dirt, and dust, but they also provide a more comfortable driving, especially if you like to drive barefoot and prefer more convenience under your feet.

For choosing the right floor mat for your car, you don’t need to have specialized knowledge or have a degree in automotive engineering. You just need to be sure exactly what your needs and priorities are. Here are some tips for you to help you choose the right car floor mats.


Floor mats material

There are three types of materials for floor mats used most commonly today: Carpet, Vinyl, or Rubber.


Carpet Floor Mats

If you prefer comfort and luxury, you can get floor mats manufactured from the textile materials. Carpets are made of tough nylon and other materials, like Berber. They are one of the best options of non-sliding floor mats in the market as carpet floor mats come with an anti-slip rubber backing to make them more secure in place.



  • Customization options for carpet floor mats
  • Available in different variants in style and design
  • Price range varies


  • Collecting dirt
  • Get damaged faster than rubber or vinyl floor mats


When should you use carpet mats?

  • When you don’t use your car often
  • You keep the interior always clean
  • If you want to match the floor mat’s color with the vehicle’s interior.
  • If you want to order floor mats with pre-designed logos, your initials or a message.


Rubber Floor Mats

Rubber is a perfect choice if you prefer comfort and softer material under your feet, and it is good against dirt and spills. Rubber floor mats are usually made from heavy-duty rubber. 



  • Easy to clean
  • They are more durable compared to carpets
  • Because of deep grooves called “wells," they are perfect water-proof mats.



  • Limited design and colors
  • Price is quite high, especially if you order a customized option
  • They are very sensitive to heat; if you leave them under the sun, tiny cracks or fissures can appear.
  • They are slippery when wet.


When should you buy rubber floor mats?

  • If your car gets dirty quickly
  • For utility use

Vinyl Floor Mats

Vinyl or synthetic floor mats are made of polymers instead of rubber, and they are a little harder and less flexible than rubber floor mats.


  • They are cheaper
  • Available in different design, color, and style
  • Highly resistant to chemicals
  • More resistant to moisture absorption


  • They’re less durable and tough compared to rubber
  • They quickly get cracks, they curl and warp when exposed to extreme temperatures.


When should you choose vinyl?

  • Synthetic floor mats are the best choice for durability due to their harder material, whether you have kids, pets, or other passengers in your car.



Try to choose the floor mats that are explicitly custom-fitted for your vehicle. They will provide a much better fit and protection-level compared to the generic ones sold in stores today.