BMW Floor Mats - Genuine, OEM or Premium Aftermarket?

Bavarians know how to make a car, you have to give them that. BMW is often misrepresented as nothing more than a status symbol. In reality, this brand has a long track record of producing unbeatable driver’s cars. Almost all of them share this pedigree. BMW's designs are timeless, both in terms of exterior and interior

Enjoying such a beautiful car means taking care of it through more than just the usual maintenance. In a BMW, floor mats are a must. It’s not just a matter of convenience and protecting the interior — it’s also a matter of style. If you want to treat your car with something refined that complements its luxurious interior, keep reading. 

Genuine BMW Floor Mats 

Car enthusiasts and those who appreciate the joys of driving can usually be divided into two groups — purists and those who don’t mind if their car isn’t completely stock.

If you belong to the former category, your best bet is to get Genuine BMW mats. We’re talking factory approved, quality controlled and most importantly, 100% BMW branded. 

Genuine BMW floor mats are a great way of keeping your vehicle completely stock. These mats are made of quality materials and usually come in two types - carpet and rubber/vinyl. The former is designed to be used during dry summer months when precipitation is at an all-time low. 

Once you start getting rain with any frequency, it’s time to switch to more robust, weatherproof rubber/polymer mats

Sticking to original factory car mats comes at a price. You’re not really compromising by getting a set of genuine black BMW rubber mats, but you might be missing out. 

If you can get over the fact that your car mats don’t say BMW on them, you could easily find a more practical set that is still every bit as stylish as your Genuine BMW one. 

In fact, there are two great options we can recommend for your BMW - Ubermats and Maxliner mats. Each of these brings its own set of benefits. 

The Ubermats 

Ubermats is a company that understands just how important floor mats are for any vehicle. More importantly, they understand that vinyl and black rubber floor mats often look out of place, especially in the interiors of higher-class vehicles. 

This European company has figured out a way to make durable, functional all-weather car mats that not only fit in aesthetically but will offer the necessary protection to your vehicle’s carpeted interior.

Where these go one step beyond Genuine mats is the bang for buck value. You’re essentially getting a perfectly fitting car mat that was specifically designed for your BMW — all at a great price. 

Ubermats are designed and produced in the European Union. The rubber and polymers used to make these all-weather black mats are also sourced within the EU. Quality-wise, you’re getting a set of mats that won’t show signs of wear for seasons to come. 

But what if you need something more robust? Something that will deliver lifelong protection to your car’s delicate carpeted interior? Enter Maxliner mats and liners! 

Maxliner Line of Floor Mats for BMW 

We often see cars are moving shelters that keep us warm, dry, and safe from the environmental effects and weather. Yet, every time you get in your car, you bring a bit of that weather inside with you. 

When you live in sunny California, that’s not an issue. The debris you drag into your vehicle is limited to dirt for the most part, with an occasional wet footprint here and there. The situation is very different in places like Michigan where snow is no stranger, and you’re spending a good chunk of the year dealing with precipitation. 

All the road salt, chemicals, and dirty rainwater/snow you bring in on your shoes are enough to make quick work of regular rubber liners. The rubber goes brittle over time due to endless cycles of exposure to weather. Granted, this deterioration is preventable through maintenance. 

However, going with a much more robust set of mats is always a better solution, especially if you’re looking for long-term performance. 

Durability Against the Odds 

Maxliner all-weather floor liners are pushing the limits of car mats technology. For this company, it wasn’t enough to build something that would merely keep the water from penetrating the carpeted interior and reach insulation foam in your car’s floor. No, they wanted to build a floor liner system that offers permanent protection — not only against debris and water but also hardcore chemicals. 

To achieve this, Maxliner needed to meet three important goals 

  • To find a durable polymer compound that would offer the necessary lifelong all-weather protection to the host vehicle 
  • Create every liner so that it perfectly fits the vehicle it’s marketed for, whether it’s a work truck or a luxury 5-Series BMW sedan. 
  • Offer more protection than the competition. 

Advanced Materials 

Your average BMW is a durable feat of precision engineering, especially the newer 5-Series or 3-Series. Even so, these cars can only take so much abuse before it starts to show signs of wear. This especially applies to your BMW’s carpeted interior. Most carpets will outlast the vehicle, but given enough abuse, they will deteriorate to a point of failure.

Maxliner had set out to prevent this deterioration at all costs. The polymer compounds used to make Maxliner floor liners are resistant to most chemicals, food staining, weather, and other debris you might deal with while using your vehicle. These liners aren’t just resistant to staining, they’re also pretty thick, offering plenty of mechanical protection to your carpets underneath. 

The Perfect Fit 

There’s nothing worse than investing in a set of floor liners, only to find out that they don’t really fit your vehicle. Any movement of the floor mat or liner can be dangerous when you’re driving. Maxliner went ahead and created perfect molds of every vehicle in their database. 

When you purchase a Maxliner floor mat for your BMW, you can rest assured that you’re getting a perfectly fitting product. The team at Maxliner has made sure that there’s no wiggle room between the liner and your footwell. 

Improved Protection 

Finally, going with a Maxliner set of floor liners, you’re getting more protection than you otherwise would. These liners have an extended lip that ultimately serves to trap any spillage and debris on the liner’s surface. Such a system is perfect for long winter months when you’re constantly stepping through snow and sludge. 

If you decide that your new liners need some TLC, all you need to do is pull them out of your footwell. Maxliner has made a point to design liners that are easy to remove and install in addition to meeting all the previously mentioned requirements. 

How to Choose the Right Set For Your BMW? 

At the end of the day, figuring out which liner is best for your BMW comes down to the weather conditions where you live and how much you’re willing to invest. 

Ubermats offer the best bang for the buck of the lot. They’re durable, affordable, and stylish. Genuine mats are a step above in terms of price, but you get the branding and that factory feel. 

Lastly, Maxliner liners and mats represent the top-tier product. If you’re looking for lifelong protection, easy maintenance, and a worry-free experience, Maxliner is the way to go. This is a premium product, but you’ll never have to buy a new set of mats again.